Friday, January 28, 2005

FSU chiropractic school rejected

The Florida State University board of governors voted yesterday to reject the proposed chiropractic college addition to FSU. I've written about the topic before, and am pleased at the sanity shown by the board (though seeing a copy of the minutes of the meeting would be nice so I could see exactly why they rejected it).
"Legislators last year guaranteed $9 million a year for the chiropractic college at FSU, but the Board of Governors asserted that it alone has the power under the state Constitution to approve or deny any new degree programs at the state's 11 public universities. The board was created by a constitutional amendment that voters approved in 2002.

"The board voted against the college by an 11-3 margin, as a majority of members questioned the need for the program and whether it fit into FSU's mission to become a nationally recognized research university. Board members said they were disappointed that FSU's own board of trustees did not take a stronger vote in favor of the school two weeks ago." - The Miami Herald (note: other reports cite the vote as being 10-3)
To explain the last sentence of the quote, the FSU board of trustrees (which is separate from the board of governors) voted to send the chiropractic college proposal to the board of governors with no strong statement of either support or rejection (read more here, here, or here).

(via both 2% Company and Confessions of a Quackbuster)

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