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Vegetarian recipes are labeled with (V), vegan recipes are labeled with (V*); recipes with a label followed by a question mark (e.g., V?) can fall into that category with a simple substitution (e.g., vegetable stock for chicken stock). Recipes we think are relatively quick and easy are labeled with (qe). See also the chronological listing.

Baked French toast (V)
Buttermilk pancakes (V, qe)
Puff pancake (V, qe)
Cheese blintzes (V)
Cream of wheat with egg (V, qe)
Teff - a whole-grain breakfast (V*?, qe)
Steel-cut oats - another whole-grain breakfast (V)
Turkey breakfast sausage

Butternut squash soup (V*?)
Gai Tom Ka (Thai cocounut and galangal soup)
Italian parmesan and egg soup (stracciatella) (qe)
Senate bean soup (or: how to use up all that extra ham)
Mushroomless hot and sour soup
Clear Japanese soup with soba (qe)
Tangy black-eyed pea, kielbasa, and greens soup

Caesar salad
Fresh green bean and tomato salad (V)
Honey mustard salad dressing (V, qe)
Greek salad dressing (V*, qe)
Easy tomato and yogurt salad (V, qe)
Spinach and pea yogurt salad (raita) (V, qe)
Warm chickpea salad with onions and lemon juice (V*)
American potato salad - Radagast's SO's style (V)
German potato salad
Two salads (Apples, pecans, and feta cheese in a feta vinaigrette, V, and olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, and onions in an olive vinaigrette)

Vegetable sides
(we often have an entire meal from these recipes)
Radagast's SO's creamed snow peas with onions and garlic (V, qe)
Fragrant peas and spinach (V*)
Collard greens with bacon and onions
Garlicky creamed spinach (V)
Creamy Brussels sprout gratin (V)
Green bean casserole with fried shallot topping (V?, qe)
Spicy roasted vegetables (V?)
Roasted cauliflower (V*, qe)
Recipe link of the week: Roasted cauliflower (V*, qe)
Roasted asparagus with garlic and olive oil (V*, qe)
Buttermilk mashed potatoes (V)
Serving suggestion: mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese
Mashed turnips and potatoes (V?)
Mashed yams (V)
Baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar (V?)

Appetizers and other sides
(we often have an entire meal from these recipes, excluding the conglomeration and applesauce)
Crab dip
Roasted garlic hummus (V*, qe?)
Armadillo eggs (jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon)
Homemade applesauce (V*)
Cran-raspberry-pineapple gelatin conglomeration
Kidney beans with smoked turkey
Yellow split peas with caramelized onions and cumin (masala dal) (V*)
Lentils with cumin and garlic (V*, qe)
Patiala pilaf (V*)
Banaras-style pilaf (V*)
Sweet saffron pilaf (Zarda) (V*)

Pesto pasta with green beans and potatoes (V, qe)
Fettucine alfredo (V, qe)
Homemade fettuccine with butter and garlic sauce (V)
Radagast and SO's creamy chicken pasta
Sun-dried tomato and sausage cream sauce pasta (qe)
Garlic and clam cream sauce pasta (qe)
Radagast and SO's basic tomato pasta sauce (V?)
Radagast & SO's Bolognese lasagne
Baked macaroni and cheese (V)

Homemade chicken pot pie
Flexible Thai curry
Chiang mai curry (Thai red chicken curry)
Radagast & SO's Chinese takeout chicken stir-fry (qe)
Crispy mixed rice (gomoku gohan), including dashi - a Japanese soup stock
Crispy mixed rice (gomoku gohan): take 2
Radagast & SO's okara burgers (V*?)
Japanese curry (V*) served with pan-fried somen noodles (V*, qe)
Yogurt braised chicken (Dahi murghi)
Moghul braised chicken (Mughalai korma)
Hard-boiled eggs in spicy tomato sauce (Ande ki kari) (V)
Chickpeas in ginger sauce (Safaid channe) (V*)
Royal braised vegetables in cardamom nut sauce (shahi sabz korma) (V), including paneer - fresh Indian cheese (V)
Fondue (V?, qe)
Crepes with a savory chicken and cheese sauce filling
Crustless quiche with bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese
Radagast and SO's Turkey Casserole
Chicken paprikash
Sausage-and-millet-stuffed bell peppers
Stuffed bell peppers in tomato sauce
Slow simmered chicken chili
Country-style pork ribs with a spice rub

Baked goods
Relatively easy-to-make crusty peasant loaf (V*)
English muffin bread (V)
Apricot scones (V, qe)
Flaky biscuits (V, qe)
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (V)

Peach pie with a flaky pastry crust (V), including an illustrated guide to making a peach pie
Pear pie with a flaky walnut pastry crust (V)
Plum galette (V)
Cranberry upside-down cake (V)
Key lime pie (V)
Cardamom-scented rice pudding (V)
Real strawberry shortcake (V)
Quick and easy chewy brownies (V, qe)
Almond pizzelles (V)
Lemon-lime sorbet (V*)
Caramel ice milk (aka low-fat caramel ice cream) (V)
Plum frozen yogurt (V)
Very simple hot apple cider (V*, qe)
Making non-dairy milks at home - an illustrated guide (V*)
Two more non-dairy milks: toasted almond and hazelnut (V*)
Lassi (V, qe)
Non-icy lassi (V, qe)
Chai - Indian spiced tea (V, qe)

Homemade grainy mustard (V*)
Sauteed apples with brown sugar, butter, and rum (V, qe)
Elegant chocolate frosting (V)
Lemon butter frosting (V, qe)
Peanut butter frosting (V, qe)
Dashi - a Japanese soup stock (qe)
Paneer - fresh Indian cheese (V)
Basic cheese sauce (V, qe)
Pesto (V, qe)
Curry yogurt mayonnaise (V)
Radagast and SO's Summer Bounty Super-Hot Hot Sauce (V*)
Pan-fried somen noodles (V*, qe)

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