Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another biologist cook posting recipes!

My SO recently found Fankhauser's Cheese Page, a website that has detailed instructions on making a variety of cheeses from scratch. My SO was happily reading the recipes, making comments like "Hmm, this website reminds me of yours," when we discovered that the author of the website (David Fankhauser) is actually a professor of biology (and chemistry) at a university in Ohio.

His site is filled with illustrated recipes, most of which feature milk in some form or another (yogurt, ice cream, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, mascarpone, blue cheese), and he even has an introductory course to cheese making online. He's also got a lot of other resources, including a description of making maple syrup, instructions on making homemade root beer, and a discussion of his participation in Freedom Rides.

We've made paneer (a fresh Indian cheese) in the past, but now that we've got good recipes I think we'll have to try making another cheese soon.

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