Friday, October 13, 2006

This is what you can look forward to when you're tenured

My SO and I both got home after 8pm tonight (after days that included at least two sequential meetings), and after having some quick snacks we will shortly collapse into bed. Other people go out and do interesting things on Friday nights; we go to bed early. We lead such exciting lives.

Besides the near-imminent shutdown of our field program (and the morass of politics surrounding that whole issue1, which will stay frustratingly undecided for at least two more months), there's nothing unusually stressful going on at work (heck, I'm under-load this semester). Work just keeps piling up on my desk, and I keep coming home exhausted.

So much for the relaxing, obligation-free lifestyle of the young and tenured that I'd heard so much about.

1 I will admit that this has been eating away at me for the past month, and is partially to blame for the slow blogging. It's hard to get excited about blogging when all one wants to do is write about the glorious possibilities that were and the frustration of fighting a huge bureaucracy wherein everyone asks "how can I help?" yet nobody can actually do any helping.

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