Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Breakfast: smoked salmon eggs Benedict

I've been longing for eggs Benedict ever since being introduced to them at the first bed and breakfast we stayed at in Victoria last year (which, by the way, motivated a post on carotenoids). Since I'd baked a fresh loaf of english muffin bread yesterday, my SO and I decided to try to make some eggs Benedict today.


That's our glorious creation: toasted and buttered homemade english muffin bread, smoked salmon, and poached eggs with homemade Hollandaise sauce on top. It was just as good as I remembered it (though significantly more work, since all I had to do in Canada was get out of bed).

If you want to read more on eggs Benedict, Eggs Benedict New York has more information on the dish than you probably ever wanted to know (including, unfortunately, nutritional information).

[Updated to add a link to the english muffin bread recipe.]

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