Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Off to London

My SO and I are flying to London this afternoon, where we'll be staying with some family and touring the city for the next two weeks. Unlike most academics in the US, my semester doesn't start until near the end of January, so I get to play in London while everyone else goes back to work (though everyone else gets the last laugh as I slave away the last two weeks of May after they've wrapped up their finals). We have no specific plans for the trip other than to relax and see as much of the city as we can. This will be the first time my SO and I have traveled off the continent.

We're both working on less than four hours of sleep for each of the past two nights as we try to get all our work finished before the trip, so we can't wait to get on the plane and fall asleep.

So, posting will be decidedly intermittent while I'm gallivanting around, though I will try to post updates every now and then. More to come from London!

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