Saturday, October 01, 2005

It's cooking week at Rhosgobel!

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of my end-of-the-week recipe blogging posts. In that time I've posted 41 recipes, 26 of which are vegetarian (seven are vegan), two illustrated guides, and three menus. The recipes have ranged from complex and flavorful time-consuming dishes (e.g., Radagast & SO's Bolognese lasagne, Royal braised vegetables in cardamom nut sauce) to the quick and easy (e.g., Teff, Lassi), but they all have one thing in common: my SO and I make them on a regular basis.

The goal of the feature was to share something my SO and I both love: cooking. The posts are (in combination) the primary posts through which Google searchers (and other new readers) find this blog. I'm always thrilled when someone searches for "spongecake coolwhip strawberry shortcake" and finds my real strawberry shortcake recipe.

To celebrate my one-year anniversary of recipe posting, I'm declaring this week to be cooking week here at Rhosgobel. Every day from now until Friday will feature at least one recipe or other cooking-related post, including some of my favorite recipes from the past that I haven't gotten a chance to post. In fact, if we're lucky, I might even be able to get my SO to reveal the coveted truffle recipe.

So clean out those pots, refill that spice rack, and get ready for a cooking-filled week.

[Update 1/1/2006: I'm going to revise my template, which will cause the loss of the cooking week banner I created. Here's a screenshot of it:]
cooking week banner

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