Monday, October 10, 2005

News that cooking week got in the way of

US Forces "out of control" - article in the Guardian about how the US military is impeding journalists in Iraq.

US Army buying anthrax and other culturing equipment - article on discussing how these actions will make it more difficult for the US to demonstrate that it is not producing biological weapons.

FIPSE grants going away due to pork - article in the LA Times reporting that these prestigious (and competitive) education grants are no longer available, primarily because legislators have allocated all the money to pet projects.

Fewer companies offering health insurance in the US - an article in the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that only 60% of businesses offer their workers health benefits (down from 69% in 2000). What are people at those 40% of companies supposed to do, especially if they have pre-existing conditions? What are unemployed people supposed to do? Why don't we have universal health care?

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