Monday, August 22, 2005

Illustrated guide to making a peach pie

I took some pictures of the pie-making process yesterday, and thought I'd turn them into an illustrated guide showing how to making a covered fruit pie from scratch. The guide isn't complete (I've left out most of the crust rolling and baking), but should give the uninitiated an idea of what's involved in the whole endeavor.

If you want to go bake a pie, I've got both peach pie and pear pie recipes posted in my recipe archive.

1 - Rolled pie crust
1 - Rolled pie crust with the pie pan on top for scale.

2 - Using a rimless sheet to lift the crust
2 - Using a rimless baking sheet to lift the crust.

3 - Crust in the pan
3 - Crust in the pan.

4 - Peeling a peach
4 - Peeling a peach after boiling it for two minutes.

5 - Filling going in
5 - The peach filling going into the pie crust after sitting for 15 minutes at room temperature.

6 - Filling in the crust
6 - The filling in the crust, topped with pieces of butter.

7 - Trimming the crust
7 - Trimming the crust so that it overhangs by around 1/2 to 1".

8 - Folding the crust, pt. 2
8 - Pinching the two layers of crust together and getting ready to fold it underneath the top crust.

9 - Folding the crust, pt. 1
9 - Folding the overhanging crust underneath the top layer of crust.

10 - Trimming the crust
10 - Trimming the excess crust away.

11 - Crimping the crust
11 - Crimping the crust with a fork.

12  Brushing on milk
12 - Brushing on milk so the crust browns more.

13 - Sprinkling sugar on top
13 - Sprinkling sugar on top; I find this gives the crust a nice texture once baked.

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