Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quick and easy recipes

Since a number of our recipes take quite a while to make, we thought it would be convenient to highlight our quick and easy recipes.

We have no single criterion for recipes to get this distinction, but in general they don't require huge numbers of ingredients, complicated cooking procedures, really long cooking times, or heaps of preparation. These are recipes that we think someone could make after coming home from work tired and hungry (assuming they had the ingredients on hand).

Here's the list of our current picks (V indicates vegetarian recipes, V* indicates vegan); check the recipe archive for updates.

Puff pancake (V)
Teff - a whole-grain breakfast (V*?)

Soups & salads
Honey mustard salad dressing (V)

Sides / appetizers
Roasted garlic hummus (V*)
Lentils with cumin and garlic (V*)
Recipe link of the week: Roasted cauliflower (V*)
Roasted asparagus with garlic and olive oil (V*)

Sun-dried tomato and sausage cream sauce pasta
Garlic and clam cream sauce pasta
Radagast & SO's Chinese takeout chicken stir-fry

Baked goods
Flaky biscuits (V)
Apricot scones (V)

Very simple hot apple cider (V*)
Lassi (V)

Sauteed apples with brown sugar, butter, and rum (V)
Lemon butter frosting (V)
Dashi - a Japanese soup stock

You can come up with some great menus from this list. How about a bowl of dashi followed by a plate of lemon butter frosting?

[Updated Dec. 17, 2005 with new recipes.]

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Radagast said...

Importing comments:

We've pondered signing up for one of those weekly veggie deliveries; I'm sure there are some around (we are in Southern California, after all). Never really looked into it, though.
November 4, 2005, 8:52:27 PM PST – Like – Reply

I haven't tried the roasted cauliflower yet, but I do basically the same thing with whatever veggies I have handy. We get a basket of random veggies from the university organic food coop, so I often hack them up, toss them and throw them in the oven. Easiest way to cook veggies, and one of the tastiest.
November 4, 2005, 11:02:00 AM PST