Saturday, June 10, 2006

Now I'm on vacation

My field course is now over. It was an extremely enjoyable but also exhausting week. Every day of the course entailed working or interacting with my students for at least 14 hours straight; I had a great group of self-motivated students, but it was still a draining experience.

Thus it was nice to be able to end today at a bed and breakfast in Victoria, to which we drove after gorging ourselves on Haultain's Fish and Chips for lunch. Haultain's has an ideal atmosphere for eating fish and chips: the kitchen is in the same room as the ten or so tables in the restaurant, meaning that you can hear and smell everyone else's food being cooked up as you order and eat. The meal was delicious.

How did I celebrate the end of the course (and thus the end of my extended spring semester)? By falling asleep on the couch for four hours.

A while back I posted a mid-semester version of myself; here's what I look like now:

South Park version of Radagast

We'll be on the road for a few more days, so posting will be sporadic for a bit longer.

(Image created with South Park Studio)

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