Thursday, March 10, 2005

Ventura Community College District budget update

The Venture County Community College District Board met two nights ago (the night of my first post on the topic), and agreed to cuts they say are necessary to close a multi-million dollar budget shortfall. The LA Times summarizes both the response by students and the cuts themselves:
"Scores of Ventura County community college students staged a sit-in Wednesday at the president's office at Oxnard College to protest sweeping cuts to programs and personnel to close a $7.5-million budget gap this year and next.

"The demonstration came just hours after Ventura County Community College District trustees shuttered cafeteria services at all three campuses, eliminated or reduced nearly two dozen academic programs and laid off about 130 instructors, most of whom work part time. A few teachers will be out of work at week's end, while the rest will lose their jobs by June 30.

A lot of press has been given to the elimination of journalism departments at two of the campuses, possibly eliminating student newspapers there, but many other programs also got cut. The Ventura County Star has a list (registration required) of which programs and staff are being cut; college names are included in parentheses after each program:
"Discontinued programs
  • Companion animal pet studies (Moorpark).
  • Electronics technology (Moorpark and Oxnard).
  • Horticulture (Ventura).
  • Hotel management (Oxnard).
  • Interpretation (Oxnard).
  • Machine tool technology (Ventura).
  • Theater arts (Oxnard).

"Other staff reductions
  • Ceramics, college strategies, computer information systems, counseling services, disabled student programs, education, English as a second language, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, journalism*, matriculation services, cross- country instruction, reading.
  • [Journalism] program and student newspapers are discontinued at Oxnard and Ventura colleges.

"Other cuts include:
  • Cafeteria cuts (six food service jobs at Moorpark, four each at Ventura and Oxnard).
  • At least 134 faculty cuts; management and clerical cuts, including two custodians, the director of college budgets and the executive assistant to the deputy chancellor."

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