Saturday, May 14, 2005

Schwarzenegger continues breaking promises

Governor Schwarzenegger just released a revision to his state budget proposal yesterday, and there was some good news: the state will be getting $3.9 billion more in revenue than was expected back in January. The LA Times has a detailed story on the changes to the budget.

Seeing as the governor reneged on his promise to fully fund education, shorting programs by $2 billion in his January budget, this windfall would have been the perfect opportunity for Schwarzenegger to keep his promise. It seems as though he could have fully funded education to levels required by proposition 98, and still had money left over for other programs.

But no, from what I can tell the education budget is being increased by only around $250 million (earmarked specifically for class size reduction in specific grades), which amounts to only about 10% of the amount by which Schwarzenegger shortchanged education in January.

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