Sunday, September 11, 2005

What would you do if ...

... you noticed that someone was climbing into one of your neighbors' houses through a window?

I didn't know the people who lived in the house, but I figured that pulling off the window screen and then climbing in through the window was rather suspicious behavior, so I called the police. A few minutes later (as I was on the phone with the police), the suspicious character climbed back out through the window carrying a briefcase, reattached the screen, and drove off in a truck that he'd left idling in front.

While talking with the 911 operator, I quickly realized that my observation skills were not what I imagined they were. I got a grand total of two numbers off the license plate, described the vehicle with something less than stunning detail (essentially "a green truck"), and didn't get a make or model.

Even so, an officer arrived less than a minute after the truck drove away, and the officer reported that they'd stopped the suspect a few blocks away; I was very impressed. The officer spent a while trying to get confirmation of who lived in the residence, but (sadly) nobody he talked to knew who lived there. However, after about 10 minutes the police were apparently satisfied that the suspect was actually the resident of the house, and I presume that they let him go.

So, to sum up, I just tried to get my neighbor arrested for breaking into his own house.

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