Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A few links

I once again have very little time on Tuesday and Thursday nights to blog (thanks to late-night Tuesday and Thursday classes followed by annoyingly early Wednesday and Friday classes), so here are a few links to keep you occupied:

Orac has two good articles on alternative medicine: Ineffective alternative medicine is not always harmless and Coretta Scott King: A victim of alternative medicine?

PZ Myers linked to a Carl Zimmer article about the wonder of leeches. Having seen leeches in a lab that reared them, I must agree with PZ that they do have a sleek beauty to them.

BotanicalGirl talks about what not to do on a faculty interview, while profgrrrrl discusses what not to do in your tenure packet.

And, regarding the newly proposed federal budget, PZ Myers reports that Bush is proposing the ridiculous with education, EduWonk has even more details on proposed education spending, Respectful Insolence reports that the proposed NIH budget is frozen, and the House Democrats have a page contrasting Bush's 2006 State of the Union Address claims with the reality of Bush's actions in 2005.

[Update Feb 10, 2006: BotanicalGirl's post has been deleted and she's now in trouble with her department; see this post for more details.]

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