Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hectic day

The plant phylogeny exercise I had planned to use for the second half of today's lab fell through early this week when the publishers finally told me they couldn't supply me with some required materials (pictures of specific plants that were supposed to go along with the lab). Thus this morning was largely spent finalizing the replacement lab I whipped up wherein the students made a phylogeny of succulent plants, using ones I had borrowed from our plant folks. Unfortunately I only got species names for the plants about 2 hours before lecture (which comes just before lab), so I had to frantically figure out the actual phylogeny of the plants before asking students to do the same.

Add to this a burned out bulb in my lab data projector that A/V spent most of the day attempting to fix, only to realize they didn't have the right bulb (they brought one in on a cart finally), and that I was supposed to be finalizing today's lecture all morning but only got around to that in the last hour before lecture, and we have a fun day. All turned out well, though.

I'm going to post up a few links I found yesterday and then call it a night. It's been a long week, and I still have two labs tomorrow.

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