Tuesday, September 14, 2004


My SO and I made a batch of homemade chicken ravioli this weekend, and it was very refreshing to come home tonight after a long day and finish up the leftovers. We hadn't made any ravioli for at least three years, which was far too long.

Ravioli are relatively uncomplicated to make, assuming you have the right equipment and some time to devote to the process. The pasta dough is just your regular basic pasta dough (flour and eggs), rolled out with a pasta roller into thin sheets (though you could also roll it by hand), and then filled with clumps of your favorite filling. We use a filling of chicken, onion, carrot, and garlic, sauteed with a bit of wine, and then mixed with eggs and pecorino romano cheese. The ravioli are delicious with a very simple sauce of melted butter and grated cheese.

[note: Whoever wrote Blogger's spell-checker dictionary is not much of a gourmet; it doesn't recognize ravioli, pecorino, or sauteed.]

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