Saturday, February 26, 2005

Skeptics' Circle: A call for submissions

Skeptics Circle blutton
Dear skeptical friend,

I apologize for writing so late, but events have transpired to keep me busier than I had hoped.

This coming Thursday (March 3) I will be publishing the third-ever Skeptics' Circle from my home here at Rhosgobel, and I would like you, kind friend, to participate. If you don't know what the Skeptics' Circle is, take a look at the first and second editions; they are both fine collections of skeptical writing from across the blogosphere.

Almost any article that skeptically examines a topic will qualify for inclusion; both Orac and St. Nate have previously described the characteristics they hope to find in a Skeptics' Circle post, and my opinions mirror theirs. Of course, since my interests tend to the study of biology (and education), articles addressing those topics are most welcome, but really any topic will do.

So, pull out your quills, then put them away and sit down at your keyboard, and start writing something sketpical. Once you've got it posted (or if you've already posted it), send me the link and I'll include it in the third edition if it fits the criteria. I've included a moth pupa with this letter, which should eclose early enough to reach me with your return letter before the deadline. Please let me know by other means if you need heavier-duty transport; birds will be no problem to provide.

I need to receive a link to your article by 11pm PST on Wednesday, March 2 if I am to include it in the post; the moth knows this.

Yours truly,

Manduca sexta adult
[Note: I'm going to keep this post at the top until the Skeptics' Circle publishes on Thursday. This post was originally posted on Feb. 26 at 4:15pm.]

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