Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Committee Work Blues

Much of my time in the past few weeks has been filled with committee meetings, including at least nine hours in the last two working days. Monday's are typically my day for prepping for the week ahead, but instead of that I got to be in a four hour meeting with our campus architects and another two hour meeting for the job search.

The architect meeting was actually quite interesting, as we're planning a new biology building and on Monday they brought in sample floor-plans for all of our labs. The architects have only been consulting with us for a few weeks, but have already managed to get approval from most of our faculty regarding decisions both on the overall building design and on specific lab sizes and layouts. There's still a lot more work to come, but so far things are looking good.
All this committee work has kept me constantly behind schedule. In trying to find ways to moderate this, I've been intrigued by Jill/txt's idea to have a not to do list, though unfortunately I haven't thought of much I could put on the list that would be of any help.

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