Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Third Skeptics' Circle

Skeptics Circle blutton
It is with great pleasure that I introduce the third Skeptics' Circle, a collection of skeptical writing from across the blogosphere. For those unfamiliar with the idea, read through St. Nate's first Skeptics' Circle, and Orac's most enjoyable second Skeptics' Circle.

Orac wove his version of the Skeptics' Circle into a compelling narrative; I pondered doing the same (trying to weave elements of Tolkien throughout the tale), but nothing really clicked, and what I did write seemed like a cheap ripoff of Orac. So, rather than having elves and Maiar wandering around, I've decided on a clean, crisp presentation that focuses all the attention right where it should be: on the 21 excellent articles that were submitted for this edition.

Biology and evolution
Reasoning in daily life
Ones that didn't fit anywhere else
That's it! The next Skeptics' Circle will be hosted on Thursday, March 17 by The Two Percent Company; their call for posts is here.

[updated March 3, 2005 based on an e-mail correction from Paul Lee (author of Confessions of a Quackbuster), and to include a link to The Two Percent Company's request for posts.]

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