Sunday, April 17, 2005

Alternative Medicine and Autism

Autism Watch, a sub-site of, is dedicated to taking a skeptical look at autism treatments. The editor, a scientifically-minded MD, has posted Through the Looking Glass: My Involvement with Autism Quackery, an article describing how he was seduced by alternative treatments for the disease, only to realize that all the alternative treatments he was trying were ineffective. Here's part of the conclusion:
"Looking back on my experiences with 'alternate' autism therapies, they seem almost unreal, like Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Utter nonsense treated like scientific data, people nodding in sage agreement with blatant contradictions, and theories made out of thin air and unrelated facts -- and all of it happening right here and now, not in some book. Real people are being deceived and hurt, and there won't be a happy ending unless enough of us get together and write one."

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