Thursday, April 07, 2005


I'm finally done with work for the day. Unfortunately, it's 1:00am, meaning that I've been on campus for 16 hours straight. I haven't even had a real break for meals: I had a working lunch at my desk, and ate dinner by ordering pizza for everyone in the student research-group meeting I led tonight. Yesterday was a comparatively easy 12 hour day.

I'm not alone in my long hours this week, as the dean of my division was in his office until only an hour or so ago, and many of the other faculty in the department have also been around much more than usual. Most of this departmental stress is being caused by a committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I'd write more, but I should really go home and get some sleep.

If you're desperate for something scientific to read, check out Orac's Tangled Bank #25 post (which I haven't even read yet).

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