Friday, March 30, 2007

A true break

This spring break has turned out better than I anticipated; even though it has been work-filled, I've managed to take some real time off. In fact, I've even become absorbed into a new hobby: the guitar.

Yes, that's right, your host is going to start learning to play the guitar. Now I should make it clear that as of right now I don't even have a guitar in my possession, but thanks to the miracles of the internet and UPS I should have that minor problem fixed by early next week.

While I've toyed with the idea of playing the guitar for a while, the catalyst for this sudden hobby acquisition was a local friend who's just started playing the guitar herself; I got to play with her acoustic guitar over the weekend, and fell in love with the sound after my first few plucks.

Considering that I haven't played an instrument since my age was something close to a single digit, this is going to be a big change. However, I think that's at least part of the appeal; it's been great fun to spend hours and hours of this spring break reading up on guitars, shopping for instruments, and starting to learn the basics of reading music1.

I'm looking forward to making time to learn to play the guitar in the coming years; lets just hope that someday I'll actually be able to make musical sounds with the thing.

1 Indeed, before the start of this week I did not even know how to read music. I'm about as much of a beginner as one can be.

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