Monday, December 06, 2004

Radagast's Avatar

Pharyngula, via Feministe, has linked to a wonderful time-absorber: the hero machine, a web applet that lets you create a character using premade templates (also available for purchase here). I knew I shouldn't have followed Pharyngula's link when I saw it, but I did anyway, and soon was sucked into creating my own avatar.

Radagast's avatar
The closest thing to a picture of me you'll likely get.

It would probably be a fun exercise in personality psychology to analyze people's avatars, especially comparing their creations to their actual selves. I've created one that is reasonably similar to myself, though with a few additions [ed. note: Flaming torch, staff, tie, poofy purple pants, muscles ... yeah, just a few changes]. I couldn't resist the horde of dragonflies ... what could possibly be cooler?

There are a ton of other bloggers out there creating avatars, and it's neat to compare and contrast them: Pharyngula, Feministe, Arete, Rox Populi, Majikthise, Serenade in Blue, and scribbilngwoman.

Well, back to grading.

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