Monday, August 22, 2005

A few quick updates

I've started a lot of topics without resolving them recently, so here's a post with a few updates for those keeping track of recent events here at Rhosgobel:
  • My course's enrollment is still not high enough, and it looks like one of my labs will probably be cancelled in a day or two. In order to maximize enrollment in one of my remaining labs I might be forced to have it start before 8am (to minimize conflicts with chemistry courses), even though I'll be teaching until after 8pm the prior night. Ugh.
  • Our contractor neighbor kindly propped up our fallen fence last Friday, though now it creaks disturbingly at seemingly random intervals. We're currently in the process of getting quotes to replace the fence with a block wall, but work probably won't be able to start until the end of September at the earliest.
  • Since finding the electrical wiring problem in our kitchen we've been living without power in that run of cabinets, and plan to do so until we remodel our kitchen (no start date on that project yet). As a result of this fun escapade (and the ridiculously bad phone wiring in the house), we're seriously considering having the entire house rewired.
  • It's now official: the lab tech that sets up my course will be leaving after the third week of the semester. I predict chaos around that time.

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