Monday, May 15, 2006

The end is coming ...

You might think that since some lucky bums are done for the semester, I'm also done. Unfortunately, I still have a few weeks to go. And, since in the coming few weeks I'll be grading piles of papers and exams in a mad dash to the end, and then starting my summer field course almost immediately after the end of the semester, I'm afraid that I'll likely be a bit distracted from regular posting here. I apologize for any long breaks.

In the meantime, I suggest amusing yourself by reading about unauthorized wiretaps in the garden (a post by Carl Zimmer about caterpillars avoiding parasitic wasps that are attracted by signals from plants the caterpillars are eating) and helping Profgrrrrl figure out how she should electronically submit her manuscript. And, if you don't want to amuse yourself, go read about the Bush administration tracking calls made by reporters.

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