Monday, May 22, 2006


The past week was as busy as I expected, and this coming one is looking to be about the same. However, if all goes well (translate: I dedicate enough time to grading), there's a chance I'll have my grades turned in by Friday night. Oh my, that felt good to type.

Here are a few links to keep everyone occupied:

Orac posted on the recent vitamin study finding that taking multivitamins wasn't beneficial, and also linked to a post by Afarensis about a city preventing unmarried parents from living together.

Dean Dad asked his readers whether requiring a year of language to graduate from college is a good thing.

PZ posted a picture of the glass octopus (wow!) and a secret picture of the real PZ Myers. He also posted on the components of human milk, and then described research that appears to conclude that mammalian breasts first evolved as an immunoprotective structure:
[T]he mammalian breast first evolved as an immunoprotective gland that produced bacteriocidal secretions to protect the skin and secondarily eggs and infants, and that lactation is a highly derived kind of inflammation response. That mammary glands may have had their origin as inflamed glands suppurating mucus may not be the most romantic image to arise in a scientific study ...
Anyone want a glass of milk?

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