Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Ubuntu release!

Ubuntu desktop with application menu open

The newest version of Ubuntu, Fiesty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04), was released today. The new version promises to be even easier to use, coming comlete with utilities to facilitiate downloads of media codecs, conversion utilties for Windows users, a restricted drivers manager (making installing proprietary drivers easier), and much more. See these two posts if you want more on the new features.

I've been using Ubuntu daily for the past year, and I love it (see my illustrated tour of Ubuntu for more on what Ubuntu looks like). Since I'm now using a version that's almost a year out of date (Dapper Drake, 6.06), I plan on upgrading to Fiesty as soon as I have some spare time1.

You can order free CDs here, or download the latest version here (and probably eventually get it from here). The CD you order (or download) is a live CD, so you can just pop it in your CD drive, reboot your computer, and give Ubuntu a try without installing anything on your machine.

And, unlike certain other operating systems, this one is completely, 100% free.

1 Yeah, I know, I'm funny. I haven't even had time to post, much less consider upgrading my operating system. Have I mentioned that I can't wait for summer?

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