Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Video game sheet music

I'm a bit chagrined to admit it, but one of the types of music I'm looking forward to learning to play on the guitar are the themes from various video games. In fact, over spring break I partially learned to read sheet music by listening to the music from various video games (e.g., Metroid) while reading along with the sheet music for those songs. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

I've ended up finding a lot of sites that have video game sheet music or guitar tabs on them, and thought I'd list them here1:
  • - Sheet music (in gif format) of music by (you guessed it), Nobuo Uematsu
  • Nintendo on Piano - Sheet music (in PDF format) for Castlevania, Metroid, Super Mario Brothers, and others
  • RabiteMan's Game Music - Sheet music (in .gif format) for Final Fantasy IV and VI, Chrono Trigger, and others.
  • Video Game Sheet Music - Sheet music (in pdf or NWC format) for Megaman, Super Mario Brothers, and others.
  • Game music - Sheet music (in pdf format) for many games, sorted by console type.
  • Shivasar’s RPG Sheet Music - Sheet music (typically in .gif format) for a number of RPGs, including lots for Chrono Trigger and many of the Final Fantasy series.
  • Riulyn's RPG Sheet Music Shrine - Sheet music (typically in .pdf format) for lots of RPGs, including Chrono Cross, lots of Final Fantasy's, and others.
  • NinSheetMusic - Sheet music (in .MUS format) from various Nintendo games, including the Mario Brothers games, Metroid, Pokemon, Castlevania, and others.
  • Ichigo's Sheet Music - Sheet music (in a variety of formats, including PDF, gif, and MUS) for a whole bunch of games (titles list here)
  • Piano Themes - Sheet music (in PDF format) for a huge list of games
  • Video Game Jam - Guitar tabs (as .txt files) for a lot of games, sorted by console type.
  • Nintendo Tabs - Guitar tabs (as .txt files) for a number of Nintendo games, again sorted by console.
In addition to working through my guitar books, I'm currently working on the first-piano left-hand portion of Compression of Time from Final Fantasy VIII (music on this page, though I've shifted it up an octave to be able to play it with notes I currently know). It has a range of four notes, but that's about as much as I can handle for now.

It's nice to have something to distract me from the mountains of papers that are awaiting grading.

1 ('s list of links helped quite a lot)

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