Thursday, May 17, 2007

Neuros OSD: An open source digital video recorder

BoingBoing just reviewed the Neuros OSD, a digital video recorder that's built entirely from open-source software.

The OSD can record from any analog video source, from a TiVo to a satellite box to a DVD player to a games console. It records to any removable media you plug into it, such as a USB thumb-drive or a hard-drive -- so you can record your favorite DVDs, your best video-games, or your TV shows straight to drive. Needless to say, it'll play back from all this media as well.

The OSD is networkable, and can schedule programming in advance like a TiVo. It can play back all the standard download formats, including Xvid and Divx.

Best of all, the OSD is open: anyone can hack its firmware and add features to it.

You can learn even more at Neruos's website.

Now this is a DVR that I just might buy.

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