Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahhhh, that looks better ...

The housekeeping is largely finished, at least for now.  I've got a shiny new template, a non-swindling comment service, a reorganized sidebar, and a new home for my "recurring features" pages (they're now hosted here on Blogger using the "pages" tool, which will save me a lot of time).  

A few things are missing: I've pared down my sidebar links to what I actually read somewhat regularly (sorry!), I've removed my no-longer-updated delicious page (which I used as a hack to categorize my posts before Blogger came out with its post "labels"), and the old Haloscan comments are gone (sniffle).

Oh, and I can now use "jump breaks", too.  :)

Very old posts may have some problems: I've switched image and file hosting places a few times over the years (so there are likely a few broken links), and there won't be any post labels on them. 

I even took a picture of the old template, so longtime readers could remember the good old days ...

Original Rhosgobel template
Rhosgobel's template from 2004-2010

If you see anything that appears to be broken (especially in old posts), or have any suggestions, please let me know.

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