Sunday, May 16, 2010


A bit of dust has collected here at Rhosgobel over the past few years, and it's going to take me a bit of time to clear it all out.

I'll be updating the template 1 and whatnot, but the biggest change will be in the comments.  Haloscan, the commenting service I've used since starting the blog, has died.  Haloscan transferred the comments to Echo, but in a most user-unfriendly way: while the comments are still visible on the blog, the old comments are neither visible nor editable in Echo's user interface, I have no way to export the comments, and they want me to pay $12 a year for this great arrangement.  So, I'm going to switch to Blogger's commenting system and close the Echo account.  I've saved a selection of the old comments2, but won't be able to go through all the old posts to save every last comment.  It sucks.  Sorry :(

1 I'm still using the template I picked back in 2004!

2 This is why there are currently two "Comment" links below each post; I need to have both Blogger's and Echo's commenting links visible to copy over the old comments.  I apologize for the confusion.  

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