Sunday, November 07, 2004

Election turnout vs. presidential votes, pt. 2

A few hours ago I posted about a discrepancy between the number of voters voting and the number of votes cast in a number of Florida counties. In order to expand on that analysis my SO and I set out to acquire data from a number of other states to see how widespread the problem was.

After analyzing Florida and Oregon we attempted to acquire data from several other populous states (ranked here). We have now successfully analyzed data from Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas (Oregon and Florida were analyzed in my previous post). We were not able to analyze data from the following states for various reasons:
Here is a summary of the three new states' data that we have analyzed:

Texas: None of Texas' 254 counties reported more votes cast for president than voters voting. Data from Texas Secretary of State Elections Division results page, all precincts listed as having reported, accessed ~9:30pm today.

Ohio: None of Ohio's 88 counties reported more votes cast for president than voters voting (data here and here, the election night page lists 100% of the precincts as having reported, accessed ~9:30pm today).

Michigan: Four of Michigan's 83 counties (4.8%) recorded more votes for president than voters voting in the election, for a total of 1,582 excess votes in the four counties (Jackson, Muskegon, St. Clair, and Wexford Counties). Data from the Michigan Secretary of State's unofficial results page (data here and here, no data for % reporting precincts, accessed ~10:15pm today).

Due to the length of the dataset tables I have posted them as separate pages:

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