Saturday, November 13, 2004

Recounts in NH and OH

Some third party candidates are asking for recounts in both New Hampshire and Ohio (and no, not because they think they should have won).
  • The Nader/Camejo campaign is officially starting a recount in 11 New Hampshire counties (Nader/Camejo press release). According to a recent Washington Post article, it sounds like Nader has met the requirements for a recount, so it may be happening soon (link to an earlier article). Nader is accepting donations to help pay the required fees.

  • Cobb and Badnarik, the Green and Libertarian candidates for president, are both calling for an official recount in Ohio. Both parties are looking for donations to pay the $110,000 fee by Monday ($150,000 including additional expenses; Green donation page, Libertarian donation page). The recount request was announced on the Cobb/LaMarche website (the announcement was at the top on the page without a permalink, and can also be found here). Cobb also released a statement on November 5 explaining more of his reasons.

Other organizations are also popping up to help fund recounts. One linked to on the DemocraticUnderground forums (post) is the Help America Recount Fund, a new 527 group.

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