Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More Florida vote changes

This past Sunday I reported that there were more votes for president in some counties of Florida than there were voters voting. On Monday a number of the counties updated their data, and I posted about that as well (here).

Four counties updated their data between my Monday and Tuesday checks (Nov. 9, 2004 ~1am to Nov. 9, 2004 ~10pm), but no counties appeared to update their data between my Tuesday and Wednesday checks (Nov. 9 ~10pm to Nov. 10 ~11pm). There were no changes in voter turnout data or presidential votes cast between my Tuesday and Wednesday data collection. All data were, as usual, obtained from the Florida Department of State's Divisions of Elections results page. As with all prior days, the "County Reporting" page still has a "Y" in the "Final Report" and "Absentees" columns for all counties.

See table 1 for a summary of changes made by the four counties which updated on Tuesday. Gadsden County, which is listed as having an update at 11/9/2004 10:34, had no changes for either turnout or presidential votes cast.

Both counties that had excess votes recorded as of 11/9/04 1am (Osceola and Duval) now have no excess votes reported (table 2). Osceola County's voter turnout numbers were increased to precisely match the number of presidential votes cast; it is the only county to have such a matchup. The one county whose total number of presidential votes cast was changed had the votes distributed between a number of candidates (table 3).

In order to keep the data tables relatively short I am only posting data for the counties that have altered totals since 11/9/04 1am. If anyone needs the full dataset I can provide it upon request.

Table 1: Change in voter turnout and presidential votes cast from data obtained ~1am 11/9/04 to data obtained ~10pm 11/9/04. All changes were calculated by subtracting the 1am value from the 10pm value.
County Change in turnout (11/9/04 10pm minus 11/9/04 1am) Change in presidential votes cast (11/9/04 10pm minus 11/9/04 1am)
Duval 1305 0
Gadsden 0 0
Osceola 261 0
St. Lucie 0 114

Table 2: Tabulated data of total voter turnout and total votes cast for president in the Florida counties that updated their data on November 9, 2004 (for the November 2, 2004 election). Data was obtained at ~10pm November 9, 2004 from the Florida state site linked to above. Note that there are no longer any excess votes recorded.
County Turnout Presidential votes T-v (T-v)/T Excess votes
Duval 380562 379614 948 0.25%
Gadsden 21094 20984 110 0.52%
Osceola 82178 82178 0 0.00%
St. Lucie 100374 100027 347 0.35%
Sum 0

Table 3: Comparison of vote totals for each candidate in the one Florida county whose presidential vote totals changed from 11/9/04 1am to 11/9/04 10pm. Numbers listed are the gain in votes the candidate received from 1am to 10pm.
County Bush / Cheney Kerry / Edwards Peroutka / Baldwin Badnarik / Campagna Cobb / LaMarche Harris / Trowe Brown / Herbert Nader / Camejo
St. Lucie

56 56 0 1 0 0 0 1

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