Monday, August 07, 2006

Some good biology links

I've got houseguests visiting currently, which, combined with some work that needs doing, means that I won't have much time to post. So, to help you, my dear reader, get through this tough time, I've assembled a few biology links for you to peruse.

Here are a few from PZ Myers:

The evolution of deuterostome gastrulation - the title sums it up.
Ancient rules for Bilaterian development - looks at the evolutionary roots of bilateral symmetry in animals, focusing on sea anemones (which are generally radially symmetrical).
Generic bumps and recycled genetic cascades - looks at similarities in gene expression during the development of genital structures and limbs.
Flap those gills and fly! - posits that insect wings evolved from crustacean epipod gills.

And here are a few from Orac:

Creationists muscling in on my territory - a post looking at the control of blood vessel growth in the human eye.
Overcoming difficulties reporting science - a post looking at science reporting from the perspective of science reporters.
And, of course, don't forget his recent series on alternative treatments.

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