Thursday, August 24, 2006

Where has Radagast been?

Regular readers have probably noticed that my posting frequency has dropped a bit recently. The primary reason for this is that I'm frantically working on revising my lab manual and otherwise getting ready for the upcoming semester (which starts next week). The lab manual editing has, of course, meant spending lots of time writing, and so in my down time I haven't felt like writing a whole bunch more (though I have been finding some cool things which I will post about). The manual should be complete within a day or two, but shortly thereafter the semester will start right as some relatives arrive in town for a long visit; so, it'll be a little while before blogging is back up to full speed.

Oh, and the slowdown hasn't been all due to work; many recent weekend hours (when I typically write a lot of posts) have been spent playing German-style board games. But that's a topic for another post ...

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