Friday, August 25, 2006

Why one visits the bookstore before the semester starts

As is generally recommended around here, I stopped by the bookstore a few days ago to make sure all of my course materials were in stock. Given that we're asked to turn in detailed order forms about ten years in advance, this seems like it should be unnecessary. But it was a nice sunny day, so what the heck.

Textbook? Check (no used copies, as usual). Supplemental book? Check. In-class response system transmitters? Um, yeah. In-class response system? Hello?

After about 20 minutes I finally determined that they had none of my in-class response system transmitters in stock. They didn't even know that my course needed them. Sigh.

It appears as though this drama will have a happy ending, though. The staff of the bookstore was amazingly helpful, and by 8am the next morning I was told the transmitters were on order and would be shipped 2nd day air.

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