Wednesday, January 03, 2007

90 percent of Iraqis think it was better before the US invasion

The Iraq Centre for Research and Strategic Studies conducted an in-person survey of 2,000 Iraqis from Baghdad, Anbar, and Najaf in November 2006. Here are the responses to one of their questions (data from
Do you feel the situation in the country is better today or better before the U.S.-led invasion?
  • Better today: 5%
  • Better before: 90%
  • Not sure: 5%
While I haven't been able to find the original study, multiple articles (UPI, Guardian, Al Jazeera) have been written on it, each one including a different portion of the survey's findings:
  • "79 percent saw a decline in the economic situation; 12 percent felt things had improved and 9 percent said there was no change." (UPI)
  • "95 percent felt the security situation was worse than before." (UPI)
  • "Nearly 66 per cent of respondents to the Iraqi survey thought violence would decrease if US forces were to leave." (Al Jazeera)
  • "[N]early 90 per cent described the [Iraq] government's implementation of its commitments and promises as very poor." (Al Jazeera)
Oddly, Al Jazeera's report on this survey is dated December 14, but the earliest non-Al Jazeera report I've found on is dated December 29 (UPI).

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