Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A new window to the world

On the same day that bsag is swooning over the new iPhone, I'm drooling all over my new monitor1. Up until today I've been using an ancient 17" CRT (I might as well have been using a stone slab with an automated chisel). But now I have a brand-new 19" LCD (a Viewsonic VP930b, if anyone cares). It's so crisp. The colors are so bright. And it's so ... big.

I'm already a fan of the 90-degree rotation feature; I love how much vertical space it gives me for reading documents and scanning through posts in Google Reader. To get the desktop to rotate in Ubuntu (6.06) I followed the easy instructions in this thread2, and it works like a charm.

And, as a final bonus, I can finally get rid of my textbook monitor stand (seen in this post).

1 Many thanks to my SO, who got me this as a Christmas present.
2 To summarize, I installed xrandr and gnome-randr-applet, added "display geometry switcher" to my Gnome panel, and then added the line "Option "RandRRotation"" to the Device (video card) portion of my xorg.conf file. After rebooting, the display geometry switcher applet gave me the option to rotate my screen as I wished.

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