Saturday, January 06, 2007

Conference envy

I'm so envious - all of my blogging brethren are going to conferences. Semantic Compositions is at a linguistics conference, and PZ and GrrlScientist are over at SICB. I'm darn envious of PZ and GrrlScientist; since I'm a physiological ecologist at heart, SICB is right up my alley. I was almost going to attend this year (Phoenix is close to Southern California), and would have been extremely tempted had I known about the blogging panel earlier, but I decided not to because my SO ended up getting the week off.

So, this was supposed to be a week of working on projects1 and having fun. Instead, it's been a week of fighting off viruses (no, not those viruses). So, as it turns out, it's good that I didn't go to SICB, but I still want to hear everything about it from those who are there!

1 No, we're still not done with the super-secret project. Believe me, you'll hear about it when we are.

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