Saturday, March 13, 2004


BoingBoing posted a link to Everquest Daily Grind, a site that posts the tales of online gaming widow(er)s. The site is filled with heart-wrenching stories. One of the many posts includes this:
"My live-in boyfriend plays EQ whenever he is not at his job or asleep. He has been steadily spending more time in the game for 2 years. He very seldom leaves the house anymore. He sits in the living room with the drapes drawn at his computer from the time he gets off work until he goes to bed. He is even getting married on EQ. April 1st is the big wedding." (link to post)
In high school I played some modem-based MUDs, but it wasn't until college that I got my first taste of an immersive, text-based MUD (yeah, that dates me). My friends and I spent much of the final few weeks of our freshman year in-game, and it certainly didn't help our grades that semester. The game was incredibly addictive. We did have a great time, though ... the highlight has to be when a friend made an announcement to everyone in the game that he would give all his equipment to the first person who could explain molecular orbital theory.

I've since decided to stop playing MUDs (or MMORPGs) since they're so addictive; I just don't want to feel forced to spend that much time in a game.

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