Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Blogging as recreation

Pharyngula and Marginal Revolution have nice posts about what blogging is like. Being new to this game I can't talk about how blogging works in the long term, but my SO likes to make the point that when people suspicious of new technology look at new leisure activities, which is what blogging is for me, they immediately relate them not to the person's old leisure activities but instead to the work the person could be doing in the time taken up by the new leisure activity. Thus I've gotten comments from family wondering how I manage to spend as much time blogging as I do considering that I'm so busy at work.

I used to play video games regularly, especially Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin last year (a great WWII strategy game if you've got the time), but I haven't played a single video game since I started blogging. My TV watching has declined, as has my leisure reading, but like Pharyngula and Marginal Revolution my science reading and writing has definitely increased. Thus, instead of stealing time from work, blogging has just become my leisure activity of choice; that it ends up helping with my professional life is a pleasant side effect.

As a final note, I just noticed that Blogger's suggested spelling replacement for "blogging" is "flogging"; I wonder if they're trying to tell me something there.

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