Monday, May 03, 2004

Semester End and a Human Clock

The end of the semester is quickly approaching here (3 weeks of lecturing left), and so things are starting to heat up. I've already got a huge pile of grading to get through, and it will only get larger as I have an assignment due or test to grade every week from here on out. We've also recently ordered a bunch of plants from Parkseed, so this week we're going to take out a large portion of our front lawn and replace it with roses, bulbs, and other pretty things. And, to add to all of that, we've put in calls to eight drywalling companies to get quotes for our bathroom drywall. The combination of all of these means I'll be busier than normal, and I apologize in advance for any posting breaks and/or unusual snarkiness. For those who care, there was no post last night because your host fell asleep on the couch at 9pm for a "short nap", was moved to bed by the SO around 2am, and then didn't wake up until after 11am, at which time your host had to run off to office hours.

Since time will be tight for me in the next few weeks, an appropriate site to link to is The Human Clock, which is a website that tells the time via pictures users have submitted. The pictures all include the time in some fashion, including everything from numbers written on a piece of cardboard to license plates or jerseys. (Via Jill.txt)

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