Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2006 Weblog awards

It's finals week around these parts, so yours truly will be rather distracted for a few days (in fact, I only finished writing tomorrow's final about an hour ago). Sorry ...

However, to amuse yourself, go check out Pharyngula's and Bad Astronomy's tussle over who should win the best science blog award. Many apologies to Bad Astronomy, but I must side with my invertebrate-defending colleague, especially when he creates banners that feature such cute critters as this:

To facilitate your amusement, here are all of Pharyngula's posts so far:
And here are all of Bad Astronomy's posts:
Oh, and don't forget that Orac has been nominated for an award as well. Orac, however, doesn't have a cool banner ... just a link to the voting page.

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