Friday, December 15, 2006

It is over!

The semester that started on an extremely bad note, and continued on to even more bad notes, is now finally over. Granted, the end of the semester did have some positive elements to it, but this wasn't quite the semester I'd hoped it would be. In any case, my grades are now all turned in, the letters of recommendation are all written, and I'm done for the year. Yippee!

I don't want my negativity about this semester to make it sound as though I'm frustrated with my job overall. While the events surrounding our field program have been disheartening, I'm excited about the coming semesters, at least partially because I'm finally going to be able to start working on my long-planned online course in the spring, and should be able to actually teach it in the fall. In fact, I'm going to get started on it over break (as well as restarting our remodeling).

But all that is for another day. Right now it's time to go have some fun.

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