Sunday, January 28, 2007

2004 Ohio recount was rigged

Two election workers in Ohio have been convicted of rigging the recount of the 2004 presidential tally in one county.

Elections coordinator Jacqueline Maiden and ballot manager Kathleen Dreamer of Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH'-guh) County were each found guilty of negligent misconduct of an elections employee. That's a felony that could mean up to 18 months in prison.

The two were also convicted of a misdemeanor count of failure of elections employees to perform their duty. Each was acquitted of five other charges.

Maiden and Dreamer were accused of secretly reviewing pre-selected ballots before the recount in Cuyahoga County to avoid a more costly, time-consuming hand count of all votes.
(story here)
This article, written when the trial was in progress a few weeks ago, has more background on the trial and details of the recount.

Now we know that at least some of the (widely ignored) reporting about miscounting of ballots and misbehavior by elections officials back in 2004 was accurate.

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