Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Five things you didn't know about me

I've been tagged by Aviatrix. Specifically, I've been tagged with the "Five Things You Don't Know About Me" meme. The point of the meme is fairly obvious - I'm supposed to list five things that you (my dear readers) don't know about me. Of course, the problem is this: what haven't I written about that y'all would be interested in knowing?

After much hard thinking (read: five minutes), my SO and I have come up with these five bits of Radagast trivia:
  1. I cried at the second Pokemon movie.1
  2. I only have three bottom incisors, but not because one was pulled. Two of my bottom incisors were fused as baby teeth, and they were replaced with only one adult tooth. Not quite the mutant superpower I was hoping for as a kid.
  3. I know how to cross-stitch and sew with a sewing machine, and have completed multiple projects of both types. My favorite project to date is a large cross-stitched rose.
  4. I spent all of the fall and winter of my high school freshman year training to be on the baseball team. I worked out four days a week after school in the weightroom, and my parents even paid for batting lessons. I wanted to play catcher. I didn't even make the first cut. I did, however, still manage to get a varsity letter. For golf2.
  5. I imagine I'll lose some readership due to this last one, but I'm somewhat of a closet pop-country fan. One of the first CDs I ever bought was Little Texas's "Kick a Little." Alan Jackson's "The Greatest Hits Collection" is probably my favorite album in this genre (though, as my SO and all my friends hate this music, I almost never listen to it and haven't purchased a new country album in more than 5 years). Yes, it's vapid and cliched ... but hey, I can't have good taste in everything, can I?

And, as with any good virus meme, I'm supposed to infect tag five other people. Well, I by no means want to force anyone to write anything, but I might suggest that the following kind folks participate in this meme:
This introduces the sixth thing you didn't know about me: I can't count3.

1 And no, I was not under the influence of any controlled (or not controlled) substances at the time. Nor was I crying at how bad it was. I was genuinely touched. Yes, I'm an utter sap.
2 And the only reason I got a varsity letter in golf was that the varsity team absolutely needed one more person so they would have enough people to compete in tournaments. I utterly sucked, and my typical score was more than double that of the other players. After playing on the team for two years in high school, I acquired an intense hatred for the sport, and have never picked up a club since.
3 Actually, I'm just indecisive and couldn't figure out who to cut to make the list five long.

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