Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quick links

Got them IP Blues, a post by a Marine stationed in Baghdad that looks at the interaction of the US military and Iraqi police. The post is on The Sandbox, a great source for blogging by military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On the same day that Microsoft Vista is released, BoingBoing reports that Vista's DRM has been cracked.

Jill linked to a post with some great tips on how to run class blogs (clogs!); it seems like many of the tips could also apply to running discussion boards.

Jill also has a post wherein she (and a lot of commenters) discuss the pros and cons of distributing worksheets that contain detailed (and I do mean detailed) breakdowns of exactly what students are supposed to do with their time outside of class. I can't help but think that worksheets like that would help students in my future online course (if I could get organized enough to make them).

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