Tuesday, March 02, 2004

California education bond

Here in California we've just had a statewide election, and on the ballot were a number of budget issues. One was a very large ($12.3 billion) education facilities bond initiative (prop 55). Folks at my campus are hoping it passes since the money will help with a number of delayed projects, including building a new library to replace the one sitting in temporary buildings at the end of our longest parking lot. The LA Times has been reporting that the education bond vote has been close all night, but they just reported these stats (with 51.6% of precincts reporting):
  • Yes: 50.6%
  • No: 49.9%
Um, maybe it's just me, but something seems a bit off with those numbers :)

[update: The bond measure ended up passing 50.7% yes to 49.3% no: see the California Secretary of State's page for more information]

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